Two British girls pee in their knickers

I met with the statement that British girls are boring and ugly. Well, in every country you will find the percentage of the population who does not sin by beauty or interesting character but the UK is no exception, and there you will find also many beautiful and sexy girls.
The British girls also like to have fun, and often excites them fetish, associated with piss in their panties! Evidenced by the large number of photos in which you can see Brits pissing in their homes, on an ordinary street or in nature. They like to take the photos in their wet, pissed underwear and then put them on the net.
To prove this, we show you today two exciting girls who pee in their home in their knickers. One of them is also wearing tights, over which flow down stream of urine coming out of her pants. The second of them piss in underwear standing over the toilet Very kinky and sexy stuff!

See and write if you liked these photos.

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One thought on “Two British girls pee in their knickers

  1. I love seeing women wearing Directoire Knickers. The long ones with the elastic leg bands that are just above the knees. They are so sexy and when a woman pisses, the entire length of the legs get soaked as well as her stockings. Difficult to locate, but I’m sure there are someplace.
    Can you find some and share them?????

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