Full cut brief panties – more photos

Some of you probably prefer panties that are the most scarce and exposing how much. Others of you prefer panties that highlights shapes of ass and pussy of girl.
But there are also such panties that cover quite a lot of female body and even though there’s probably a lot of you who such type of female underwear

We are talking about full cut brief panties, panties that are done in the “old-fashioned” style. These panties were worn by Your Mom and grandmothers, and still a lot of girls could not imagine any other underwear, not to mention even with thongs.

See more pics of girls that are wearing full cut briefs.



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2 thoughts on “Full cut brief panties – more photos

  1. Not judging but….. would be interesting to see Slimer-Fitter women/younger-women with small butts in these panties!

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