Girls wearing c-string – smallest thongs

C-string is the smallest so far invented panties. They look very original and intriguing. See girls who are wearing them.


C-string is the smallest, most sparse, yet very original string that has been invented so far.
C-strings not rely on women’s hips just like any other panties, but have the shape of a “U” and are made of a rigid material that gently hold the womb and the woman’s ass. In appearance, these unique panties, is a little like the pad. With such a design c-string uncover up a lot of the female body and are very easy to dress and undress because they do not have to be dragged by the legs and you simply remove it from the ass.

C-string appear in all sorts of colors and cuts. There are also versions for swimming (bath panties), and even a version for men!
This is a really revolutionary design briefs, looks very original and we will see if catches on.
See how these panties look on models and ordinary girls, take a look at pics of chicks dressed in a C-string thongs.



As we mentioned, there are also c-string for men, see how it looks:


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