Lace up panties – panties like a corset

Lace up panties are panties that are a combination of regular panties and corset. This kind of erotic lingerie is distinguished by exceptional attention to detail and that the girl in those pants looks super sexy!

Corsets are worn by women so that they slim down and get a better fit for a variety of costumes which require extremely thin waist.
Some corsets, although they are not too comfortable, make the girl looks very sexy in it! They make a slim waist, breasts are more prominent, and butt firmer.
You ask, what has a common corset with panties? Well, the fact that some of the panties they look like corset – they have a lacing up the ass or pussy that acts usually only the role of ornament, but makes such panties look like corset and are very sexy.
These lace up panties that look like corset, comes in different types: from knickers panties by figs and even thongs. In the thong, due to lack of space, lacing is very sparse and usually occurs only on the bosom of the girl, and it looks hot!
See models and amateurs who present themselves in a lace up panties. Take a look at 29 pictures of these exceptional pants which certainly can be classified as erotic lingerie.


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3 thoughts on “Lace up panties – panties like a corset

  1. i admit i have a panty fetish i am happy to find you i am smelling and licking a silky pair of panties now and enjoying every minute sucking on them i can’tget enough discharge to lick even when i put the whole cotton patch in my mouth

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