Panties with sanitary pads

Today something for those of you who like girl in panties with sanitary pads. See photos and videos with chicks that have pad in panties.


You asked for it many times in emails sent to us, so here it is – we will show you today some women’s panties with sanitary pads.

Girls wear them for health reasons – to prevent the effects of menstruation and not get dirty panties, and so as not to get dirty panties with pussy juice and urine.
If you like this kind of fetish then take a look at pics of girls in panties that have sanitary pads. After seeing the photos we have for also you a few videos with the girls that they will show you how they change the pads and present them to the camera.

Enjoy, and if you like it please comment and share it with your friends.



First, let’s see pics




Here comes the videos.

On the first video you see sexy girl that in the bathroom changing her pad. On the following vids you will see girls who show to the camera her panties with sanitary pad applied.

Last one – girl wearing white knickers with sanitary pad visible under them:

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19 thoughts on “Panties with sanitary pads

    1. I love maxi pads, tampons and periods! It really turns me on and makes my dick really hard!
      I love it when I can see a girls maxi pad building out of her pants! I also love to wear maxi pads. They feel really awesome between my legs!
      I really love jacking off to girls wearing pads and tampons!!!
      I wanna thank all the girls on here showing off their beautiful maxi pads, tampons and menstruating vaginas. You girls have helped me jack off a lot! I love you girls for doing this! is
      My dick is so hard right now!!!

  1. I love the scent and look of a used Maxi-Pad worn under white panties or a white lace teddy with fishnet stockings.The feminine sweat, urine, asscream, Fish aroma really arouses my cock and mind. I love a girl/woman that don’t shave her pussy because pubic hairs absorb and trap in all her vaginal odors and I love it when pussy smells like Tuna Fish, mmmm yummy !! I love sleeping and waking up to the fishy stench of my girls used Maxi-Pads on my pillow.

  2. I love seeing mature milf pussies in hot bloody sanitary pads. So arousing, especially when you can catch one spreading her legs at a office desk or on a couch in a skirt or in yoga pants and the whole pad is so visible.

  3. I love seeing girls wear maxi pads. It is a fetish I’ve had for a long time.
    I’m a guy who enjoys wearing maxi pads once in a while. I think they feel awesome between my legs. I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to be a girl and have a period and wear maxi I pads.
    This turns me on really good! I get a boner when I see girls wearing pads and tampons or just having their periods!
    I love to wank to girls wearing maxi pads!

  4. The third pic, the one with the hairy pussy and her pad is just so sexy. I want to jizz my pants when I see a girl bleeding from her twat.

    1. I’m a woman and definitely feel the same. I luv to push it up against my pussy and rub feels amazing! Most times I wear 3 pads cause I love thickness between my legs! Pads is what I masturbate with gosh so fukin horny gotta play later šŸ˜‰

    2. Oh and I even loved it when I had this online guy interested so I’d send him pics often. Would luv to go back to doing that!

  5. Looking at girls tampons and pads gives me a very hard dick! I love jacking off to girls wearing feminine products! My dick is just so hard no! Iā€™m going to jack off to these girls again for the 10,000th time!
    These girls are making my hand sticky!

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