Photos of panties from under the table

Sometimes it seems that the girl no one sees, and that she can afford a bit of freedom and spread your legs, but watchful eye of the camera or photo camera is armed and we can now show you pics of panties under the table or under the desk.

Photos of panties from under the table
See photos of panties that has been done from hiding and not only a few scenes from the manga, etc.
You’ll see here, photos of girls with legs spread that do not expect that someone gets their panties pictures under the table.


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One thought on “Photos of panties from under the table

  1. As a school’ager, I remember spending all of my 5th period English lesson staring or at least taking glances over the top of the book we were reading, often at the girl sitting opposite me with the large thighs (I’m sorry XXX).
    Having these large thighs made her tight skirt lift high, giving a view like none other I have experienced since.
    Sometimes if she noticed my attentions she would casually ‘fluff’ her skirt, lifting so the split-second view was to the top of her pantyline.
    It was these moments that made school seem so worthwhile.

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