The best of whale tail

It’s very exciting when you accidentally preview of girls underwear. Thongs or briefs under the translucent pants is a real treat for fetishists of women’s panties.
Equally exciting is the view of whale tail – that is Y-shaped waistband of a g-string or a thong abowe waistiline. It often happens that a girl while bending over, revealing her whale tail. But it is also often wear panties girls specially dressed high on their hips to tempt and provoke men look charmed with views of panties sticking out of their pants or shorts.

Therefore, that you like to watch photos of whale tail, we start to you a new series in which we will present to you girls who create sexy panties whale tail. They are mostly amateur photos, but there will also be several models and celebrities.

Enjoy the first part of the best of whale tail!


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