Wet spot on her panties

If you think that only to guys it is hard to hide the arousal, then you are wrong.
The girls as well easy to tell whether she is aroused, just check her panties!
Under the effect arousal girls pussy gets wet, and then her panties as well get wet, so you can see the wet spot on her thongs, figs or boyshorts.
Depending on the degree of arousal, wet spot may be small and barely visible, but it can as well turn into a big wet spot all over her crotch.
The wet spot on her panties can also arise under the influence of her pee – just a drop of urine to get the same effect as from excitement.

A great way to get wet spot on her panties is also masturbation. Girls often do so in panties, caressing her pussy through the thong or briefs, making their panties also become wet.
See some pics of girls with wet spots on panties to see how it looks like.



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One thought on “Wet spot on her panties

  1. I love it when women become excited and their body creates this beautiful dampness to their nether regions as it also brings with it the heady scent of a woman that is ready to make love

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