Panties on big butts

Babes with big butts look very exciting in their panties. Their large, round and protruding ass require adequate size bed but the sight of such a butt in panties is amazing!

Big Butts is not only a characteristic of obese chicks. Just like big boobs or blue eyes, it is a thing that is not always related to the figure of a woman.

There are girls who, although they are slim, they have large and firm buttocks to which it is a pleasure to look at.
Panties on such a big butt look extremely impressive and depending on the type of underwear worn, emphasize rounded shapes of the buttocks or great buttcrack of a girl who wears them.
Today we’ll show you babes with big asses who are wearing various types of panties.
You will find here thong panties, knickers, panties with an open crotch, lacy panties, satin panties, as well as transparent panties. All of them dressed for a big – but still sexy and hot asses.

So, here we go.



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Soon we will show you a fat chicks in panties, if you like this kind of fetish already then you can start the countdown.

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5 thoughts on “Panties on big butts

  1. You like big Asses and panties?? Google “cum on panty pawg wife”. Look for the huge purple panty butt. You’re welcome!

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