Panties on hairy pussies – part 1

It is now difficult to find a girl with hairy pussy, most chicks prefer shaved and smooth body. But there are girls who are conservative in this topic and their pubic hair is intact from the appearance of the first hair on their pussy. See photos of panties on hairy pussy.

I think that you will agree with the statement that there is now a fashion for shaved girls, and that only allowed body hair is the hair on her head.
Both underarm hair and pubic hair are slowly fading into oblivion, and a lot of girls do not imagine to have hair on their pussies. Well, maybe only a thin strip of hair sexy on her womb is tolerated – nothing else is in fashion.
Some girls, however, are still conservative in this topic, and they do not follow fashion. Their pubic hair is often untouched since the appearance of the first hair on their pussy, and they did not intend to change that.
These girls often have trouble hiding their hair under panties, because the hair on their of hairy pussy spread out to the sides and very often sticking from the panties.
If you like such hairy girls than we have prepared for you this time, dozens of photos of girls in panties with hairy pussies.
See how hairy are some of these chicks and how they and their asses look in their panties.


This is part one with photos of panties on hairy pussies, part two coming soon. If you enjoy this – please share it with your friends.

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7 thoughts on “Panties on hairy pussies – part 1

  1. I just fucking love a hot hairy cunt. Mmmm, delicious. It’s so sexy when it pokes out of panties or a bikini or even a pair of short shorts. Sooo yummy. Put it right on my mouth girl.

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