Panties on hairy pussies – part 2

So it’s time for the second part of photos of girls in panties that have a hairy pussy!
The first part of this series you really liked, so we wait no longer and introduce you to the next pics of girls, which the hair sticking out from under the panties.
It looks pretty hot, and I think it’s cool that not all girls shave their pussy. A little variety is nice.
So take a look to our gallery of hairy pussies under the panties.



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3 thoughts on “Panties on hairy pussies – part 2

  1. would be awesome to see all of these natural hairy pussies depositing wet spots on to the crutch piece of their knickers like ordinary women do through out the day

  2. well.. hairy is good sexy & nice to see but not those terrible jungle one.. 4 at least trim a little would be ok.

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